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The link between blockchain and online gambling has been around for a long time, and CasinoFair was one of the first places to offer its players transparency derived from blockchain. In addition to a solid library of games and attractive incentives, CasinoFair also includes a state-of-the-art mechanism that executes your deposits and payouts using smart contracts.

Licensed by the Curacao government, this place is one of the leading blockchain casinos on the market. In the next CasinoFair review, we’ll dive deeper into the operation of this new but exciting blockchain casino.


Gaming experience


Gambling fans already spend quite a bit of their time on gambling platforms. More often than not, they spend too much time choosing the perfect game. For this reason, CasinoFair decided to limit its choice of games and instead opted for a simple but effective page layout. The games are visible as soon as you enter the venue, as well as the registration button at the top of the home page. It is important to note that registering for CasinoFair requires a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox or Brave), a MetaMask extension and a verified digital wallet.

CasinoFair gambling is also available for mobile devices, but only those that use Ethereum browsers like Status and Opera. Sharp graphics and colorful sounds translate perfectly into the easy-to-use FunFair mobile app. As things stand, the number of countries where this platform is limited is updated regularly, so it’s best to look at for more details.


Bonus offers


Like any other successful operator, CasinoFair understands the importance of a comprehensive approach to encouraging players.

  • Beginner players are greeted with a CasinoFair no-deposit bonus of up to 2,000 FUN per registration.
  • The welcome bonus is awarded immediately after the registration bonus and is valid for up to 50,000 PARTIES.
  • The Bouny Bonanza Fun Award awaits those who stay on hand – they can unlock up to 15,000 PARTIES.
  • A referral program is a commission-based program that currently pays and rewards users for recommending friends.

The most exciting part of the CasinoFair promotional scheme is the fact that this place is currently worthwhile. You won’t have to wait days or trust a third-party broker to collect your winnings, as all financial claims are handled directly from the player’s account.


Choice of games


The game library is not too extensive, but it should suit the needs of most gambling fans. All games are classified into the following categories: all, slot machines, casino, current and favorite. These categories contain a selection of the freshest titles on the market. Using CasinoFair Welcome Bonus or Fun Bounty Bonanza, players can enjoy slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and dice.

Since it does not rely on traditional software providers, it is understandable that CasinoFair has a limited selection of games. Still, this site offers unique titles designed for cryptography enthusiasts, and you can expect this list to expand in the future.


Security & Safety


As you may have noticed, the highlight of this casino is the transparency of its services. With the introduction of blockchain technology, the fairness of games has been raised to a whole new level.

Players can use FairChecker to reveal more details about their gaming sessions; this data is always recorded on the blockchain on a transparent and immutable book. This way, players can be sure that cheating will never happen at CasinoFair.


User support


Players can contact the CasinoFair customer support team at any time. Agents who work non-stop are trained to provide the best possible help and will quickly prove worthy of your trust. They can be reached by phone, email and chat support on the CasinoFair website. In addition, there is an extensive FAQ section on the Help and Support tab, and here you can find answers to any questions related to the casino.




Banking at CasinoFair can be summed up in one sentence: you have complete control over your funds. Using your MetaMask wallet, you only need to confirm when you place bets using your funds. These funds are not transferred to the casino or any other third party because all transactions take place in your MetaMask wallet.

When the game is over and you need to collect the winnings, the sum will be available in your wallet. If you lose, the funds you lost will be automatically deducted from your account. CasinoFair banking is simple, fast and completely controlled by you.

Every bitcoin bettor who joins CasinoFair gets their own FunFair crypto wallet, where players get FUN tokens from the casino. These tokens can be moved to another wallet or used in other FUN-friendly casinos. To be able to play, customers must have both Ethereum and FUN tokens available in their MetaMask wallet.

By using ETH, players pay a GAS fee at the beginning of each game session (including switching between games). Players can choose between three levels of GAS prices: fast, medium and slow. The fast option can significantly speed up the process, while the slow option lags up to 10 minutes. Once you start and run the game session, then you can start exploiting your FUN tokens with the game of your choice.

UPDATE: The recent addition also allows users to pay with cards via MoonPay, a leading cryptocurrency payment processor.