FortuneJack Review



The FortuneJack product started with a number of proprietary, verifiably fair games, some of which were unique in the market. (Think of a provably correct minesweeper variation for real money, or the Wheel of Fortune with provably random spins). In this respect, it has always been a very bitcoin-tech product.

As the market began to expand, FortuneJack partnered with SoftSwiss to expand its gaming library to include expanding slots and table games at the top of the market. This provided content that would be appealing to the mass market, not interested in demonstrable fairness, but perhaps interested in the benefits of using bitcoin as a deposit option. Since then, Fortune Jack has been constantly adding products like poker – which is admirable but probably doomed to failure – and binary options.

We are big fans of FortuneJack. They have some unique products, they are very active and innovative and they support them excellently.


Open an account


The pleasures of bitcoin casinos, username and password are required. Don’t feel like sharing an email? FortuneJack is fine with this, just be warned that they can’t offer password recovery without it!


Deposit and withdrawal


Deposits are credited to the player’s accounts in seconds. Each coin has its own wallet address, which can be seen on the “My Account” tab, so avoid using “quick deposit” for non-bitcoin deposits. Withdrawals are also delivered in seconds, although FortuneJack reserves the right to manually check betting activity before processing payments.

The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 1 MBT (.001 bitcoin) or equivalent.




Loyalty program

After clearing the initial bonus, players earn loyalty points with each bet. Each 001 BTC bet receives one loyalty point. The games listed in the table above are all included in the loyalty point system, each with the same percentage of contribution displayed. Points can be exchanged for cryptocoin and a number of VIP activities can be accessed as follows:


0 loyalty points > 5000 loyalty points > 20,000 loyalty points > 50,000 loyalty points
.0001 btc cashback per 100 points (.1% effective bet discount) .0002 btc cashback per 100 points (.2% bet discount) -.00074 btc cashback per 100 points (0.75% stake discount) – Access to monthly exclusive promotions and gifts -.0015 btc cashback per 100 points (1.5% betting discount) – Access to exclusive monthly promotions and gifts – Exclusive tournaments and VIP offers – Personal account manager



FortuneJack Casino selects ten casino games to compete in their leaderboard at the beginning of each week. The top five winners in all games will receive 5 btc, 0.3 btc, 0.1 btc, 0.06 btc and 0.4 btc cash prizes from first to fifth place. All 00006 btc or equivalent prize bets will earn leaderboard points. Each loss results in a deduction of 0.1 leaderboard points. The winner will be announced every Friday at 12:00 GMT.

Weekly promotions

FortuneJack offers a number of additional promotions on a regular basis. Our favorite, “Unfortunate Jack,” rewards the top three biggest losers of the week with 20% of his losses. Even if you are a loser at FortuneJack, you are still a winner! (Unless you’re the fourth biggest loser, you’re unfortunately still a loser). Unfortunate winners will be announced every Monday at 11:00 GMT.

The five most active chat members (constructively active, non-trolls) are rewarded every Thursday between 004 and 001 bitcoin.

And for those adventurous gamblers, bet at least 001 BTC on every game at FortuneJack Casino and earn 50 loyalty points.


Software and games


The Fortune Jack website is attractive and intuitive. The player dashboard, which automatically loads at login, provides a nice snapshot of all relevant account information, including balances, bonus and loyalty program status, and any missed messages. Which leads to the content of the toys, which is a mixed bag.

On a positive note, Fortune Jack offers a 24-hour live dealer between Roulette and Sic Bo. They offer a selection of their own provenly decent games such as blackjack, dice, slot machine, keno, bingo, video poker and The Fortune Wheel – the Wheel of Fortune game. BlackJack and Fortune Wheel max. It offers 1 bet, with a 05 bet limit for most games. We’ll discuss provenly decent games below, but suffice it to say that the graphics as well as the selection are one of the best in this niche.

The casino has a binary option client that is delivered by barchart. Binary options allow users to “bet” that the underlying asset, such as currency pairs, such as USD / EUR, Metals, such as gold and silver, stocks, such as google, or even Fortune Jack, may increase or decrease. . Users bet – or speculate on the market direction, if they like – for a given result within a pre-determined period of 1 minute, 5 minutes, an hour, three hours or twenty-four hours. A successful forecast will result in a 1.8-fold return, while bets will be lost if the market moves in the opposite direction.

Another interesting game that we think is unique to Fortune Jack among bitcoin casinos is Anybet. Anybet allows users to submit questions that players can bet on – starting with the most recent examples: “Will bitcoin rise to $ 350 by March 15?” “The number of confirmed Ebola cases will reach eight in the United States before November 22.” Users bet on either the yes or no side, and the winning side splits the losers ’bets, setting aside 1% for Fortune Jack and the user asking the question. Unfortunately, there is not enough liquidity and questions to make this a powerful stand-alone feature.

And fortunately, FortuneJack recently closed Betsoft’s license agreement, which gives players access to a fantastic 3D slot library and multiple versions of table games.



Binary trader


FortuneJack has put a lot of time and effort into their own binary option product, BTrader. It features an extremely user-friendly design for casual binary options traders and a two-click trading interface. And to top it off, FortuneJack offers a bonus we’ve seen with the most reasonable requirements.

The Btrader expires in 60 seconds, five minutes, one hour, three hours and one day. They have 15 different currency pairs, gold, silver palladium and platinum, and a device called “Jack’s Wealth”, a completely random and provably correct binary betting game! All assets and time frames return 180% on “cash” bets, while 100% of bets are lost outside of cash.


Clicking on the “simple” button will open an alternative interface. Most importantly, this interface allows you to place bets on any altcoin accepted by fortunejack.


FortuneJack uses barchart feeds for price movements. While it is argued that a 30-second delay in betting after clicking “approve” is in the interest of fair play, it is more likely to compensate for the barchart’s less-than-real exchange rate. The delay ensures that players cannot take advantage of this delay to get up to the house.




The mobile site is not mobile friendly. After managing the login, we tried a few games on the iphone 5s, but none of them loaded. Games seem to be made at lightning speed, which was a strange decision given that flash is not compatible with mobiles and mobile traffic typically accounts for 40-60% of game traffic. Many of the third-party slots are compatible, but FortuneJack unfortunately doesn’t define them.


Demonstrably correct


This is FortuneJack’s strong outfit. If you’re one of the many bitcoin casino players who simply won’t play without demonstrably fair play, Fortune Jack is made for you. The games are attractive compared to other proven real locations, and every game, from slot machines to Fortune Wheel to Bingo, uses the technology.

All games, of course, use the off-chain method, which we provide a quick overview of.

Before each new game, a server default and random secret number sequences are generated and extracted. The statement is displayed to the player, who can then manually enter the client core. The client core and non-extracted server core are then digitally “shuffled” using the standard method of demonstrably fair play. (Marsenne Twist random number generation and Fisher-Yates algorithm for card shuffling if interested in granular granularity).

The core of the server is simply a series of letters and numbers, each representing a card or a specific number or even a symbol on the gaming machine. The introduction of the client core acts as an indeterminate variable, which affects the outcome of subsequent mixing.

After the hand, the player shows the secret and the server core to check the integrity of the resulting hash. This method ensures that the casino cannot repair the deck and the player can check this with all hands.




Fortune Jack Casino allows you to sign in with a “security question” to protect your account from being hijacked. They offer a bug report aimed at quality assurance as well as a kind of mass security check. As with most casinos, we assume that a decent wallet is kept in the wallets for liquidity, and if we don’t want to play in the too distant future, it’s a good practice to pick up money at the safe bank of your choice. wallet.


Customer service


Customer service is available by email 24 hours a day. There is also a chat feature for players, but private messages can be sent there for support. Coverage is spotty, so email is best for a quick response.


The point


FortuneJack bitcoin casino really insisted on the roots of bitcoin gambling, focusing on anonymous and quick deposits and withdrawals, and used cryptographic evidence wherever possible to prove the fairness of the game. With the integration of betsoft, this is no longer at the expense of excellent graphics and an extensive game library.