Drink Allergies


Drink Allergies

A drink is basically a liquid meant for human consumption intended for consumption by humans. As part of their fundamental role of quenching thirst, most drinks also play important cultural roles. Normally, common types of drinks have two purposes: first, to satisfy one’s thirst; and second, as a social drink. Common types of drinks used socially include coffee, tea, soda and hot chocolate.

Generally, soft drinks are consumed as they are the easiest form of drink to create and consume. Almost all forms of soft drinks contain carbonation. Carbonated drinks are known to provide immediate carbonation effects which makes them very enjoyable and cheering drinks. Other carbonated drinks like fizzy drinks are less carbonated and have flavors that last longer.

There are several types of alcohol that can be consumed. One can choose from wine, distilled spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beer, liquors, and mixed drinks. The amount of alcohol per glass is usually the same for all alcohol. The alcohol content in a standard drink usually ranges between one and a half to two standard drinks per ounce.

Tea has been consumed traditionally by individuals in almost all civilizations. Although coffee has become widely popular in the Western world, it is still predominantly enjoyed by many people in the Eastern world. In some parts of the world, such as Japan, China, and South America, coffee is more commonly consumed as a beverage. However, in most societies where it is regularly consumed as a daily drink, coffee is perceived as a stimulant that can be dangerous to human consumption when excessive consumption occurs.

Juice beverages, such as lemonade or other sweetened drinks are readily available on the market today. These drinks have a long history of being consumed by individuals around the world. In the Western world, these drinks are often consumed during extended breaks at work, during athletic events, or as a simple way to keep hydrated.

In the Eastern world, different countries have different types of drinking habits. In some places, such as India, it is common to drink plain water or sugarless drinks to keep the fluid levels low in the body. Chinese individuals often do not like to drink any drink that is sweetened. They believe that it is bad luck. Even though tea and coffee are consumed around the world, they are two beverages that are consumed most frequently in China, India, and Japan, and are seen as lower risk drinks for health.