Dog Breeds of Great Intelligence

Dogs have played a vital role in our lives for centuries. They are our loyal companions, our guards, our protectors, and our playmates. It has been said that dogs are the most important member of the family, next to the family dog.


The word “Dog” comes from the Latin “Dacoare.” The dog literally meant “Furrier, Domestic Dog.” The dog or domestic dog is an domesticated descendant of a wolves, usually neutered, characterized by an upright tail. The dog derived from a distant, extinct, wolf-like wolf, which was the most common domestic dog. The dog’s closest living relative is still the wolf.

Dogs were originally bred for many reasons; they were used for hunting and protection, as companions for war, as mounts, as bait for hunting birds and rodents, as fighting dogs, as circus performers, as shepherds for sheep, as service and assistance dogs, as watchdogs, as pets, as watchdogs for children, as sports dogs, as circus performers, as soldiers in both the army and the navy, as circus performers, as watchdogs for those against the law, as guide dogs for blind persons, as pets for the deaf or dumb, as hunting dogs, as pets for the physically or mentally handicapped, as on duty military dogs, as police dogs, as animals for hunting deer or others, as water dogs, as military dogs, as herpetologists and zoologists’ study dogs.

There are many breeds and sub-breeds of dogs. They all are categorized according to how they act, what their characteristics are, their strength and intelligence, and their adaptability. Most of us know dogs by their color, coat color, patterns, activities, and profession. There are also dogs according to their size, temperament, health and training requirements. Some dogs are rarely seen and some dogs are very active and alert.

The dog breeds that we have at present can be grouped into four groups, namely, the sporting group, the working group, the companion group, and the show dog. The sporting dog is one that is used for racing or other competition sports, such as track running, polo or racing, and similar events. The working dog, on the other hand, is used for herding, such as cattle shearing, sheep herding, and similar jobs. The companion dog, on the other hand, is a dog that is used by humans and other animals, such as therapy dogs, guide dogs, aids, companions for the blind and deaf, show dogs, obedience dogs, and show dogs’ dogs.

These dog breeds can be categorized further, depending on their origin and development. There are many breeds from China, India, Korea, Europe, North America, and Australia that have developed according to the selective breeding for one particular purpose, whether hunting, agility, sports, herding, or police work. These dog breeds often differ in size, strength, adaptability, intelligence, stamina, and suitability for any given environment. Although dog breeds come in many sizes and shapes, there is no specific size that could be used to define a dog breed.