Common Cat Breeds


Common Cat Breeds

Knowing the type of cat you have can narrow your search for a cat to a particular breed. Most breeders will tell you a little about their own breed, but not enough to make an informed choice with respect to its typical behavior. But when researching cat breeds and what they are known for, you can get a better sense of which breeds are likely to be the best cat for you. Here’s a quick rundown of a few popular categories of cats with some basic information about each.

The United States recognizes many different breeds. Wikipedia list several different domestic cat breeds. The following listing of domestic cat breeds includes just domestic cats and long-haired cats. The list includes established purebred breeds recognized by several cat registries, speculative breeds, wild cats and hybrid cats, established commonalities among populations (such as stripes, spots, or color patterns), and cats of several different ages or specie types.

Tabby cats, sometimes called Siamese, are very popular cats in the United Kingdom and much of Europe. They have long legs and short bodies. Their color is usually yellowish to brown with tabby markings that can appear on their body in bands or spots. They are very affectionate and adoring, often being used as house cats. These tabby kittens may be sun loving and need a cool house.

Maine Coon cats are native to the state. Maine Coons are medium sized, solid built felines, and are known for their keen senses, intelligence and playfulness. They are excellent jumpers and climbers. They have large feet that help them to maintain good climbing speed. Maine Coon cats range from solid colored to spotted.

British Short-Haired Cats are a beautiful breed that can vary in color from black and white to brown and cream. Their coats tend to be short-haired and silky. These felines were introduced to Britain by the Romans when they brought dogs from Germany. Throughout history, British Short-Haired cats became known for their friendly, loving nature, their ability to mix in with domestic cats, their intelligence, and their devotion to the British royalty.

The American Longhairs are somewhat smaller than British Short-Haired or Maine Coon, but are still very affectionate and lovable pets. They have pointed ears, a straight tail, and an attractive double coat. American Longhairs are thought to have been brought to America by the Spanish in the early years of the Common Era. Today they are one of the most popular purebreds in the United States and also are quite popular in England. They are the second most popular purebreds in the United Kingdom.