Why Do You Need A Pet Cat?


Why Do You Need A Pet Cat?

Cats are the most popularly named domesticated animals which belong to the order of Felis. Members of this order are also known as cat, feli or feline. The Felidae can further be divided into different sub-order, which includes the Catfishes, Oriental and Australian Felids, the Cape Cats and the Stone Cats. In Australia, there are three sub-species recognized – Abyssinian, Burmese and Malayan. Virtually all these cats usually live in the southern part of the continent. Among them, Abyssinian is the rarest with only about ten individuals in the whole wild.

While the Felis cat can be considered to be one of the oldest domesticated cats, that is not the case with all. The ancient Egyptians also had domesticated cats. And the modern humans have bred the domestic cat many times in order to create the different types we see today. So, it is believed that the ancient Egyptians might have been the first ones to domesticate cats but the Egyptians were actually the first people to use names for their cats.

Basically, domestic cats are those which belong to a human household. These can either be a stray, abandoned or malnourished cat. On the other hand, wild cats are those which come from the wilderness or those that were once owned by humans but lost their freedom due to some reasons. The wild cats prey on animals such as birds, mammals, insects and scavengers. This is why these cats are more often referred to as jungle cats. Domestic cats on the other hand hunt and eat domestic animals such as poultry, goats, cattle, pigs and deer.

There are many different breeds of domestic cats with several colors. Many cats have red, silver, black, fawn, and blue coloring in their coat. In order for a cat to breed and produce young, it needs to have a sufficient supply of female cats that mate with male cats. These males are naturally sterile and do not mate with females leaving them without a mate, thus reducing the number of kitten production.

In fact, there are only two recognized types of cat in the world today, the Feral cat and the Felis catus. These are also known by the names Abyssinian, Siamese, British, and Persian. Persian breeds tend to be quieter than other domestic cats and are known for their beauty and intelligence.

These felines have gained popularity throughout the world due to their resistance towards diseases and their tendency to live alone. Domestic cats require an environment similar to that of wild cats in order to thrive and produce successful kittens. A cat’s sense of smell is very acute and the house cat is adept at locating food within a room or a home. This sense is what has allowed these animals to live together in close proximity to humans for thousands of years.