Top 3 Common Dog Health Problems

The dog is one of the most well known pets. It is domesticated from wolves hundreds of years ago. In United States, dog ownership has risen rapidly because of its high value as a pet. Most people prefer having a dog instead of a cat for companionship, affection, and safety reasons. However, there are some dog owners who do not want a dog but still want them to keep their property clean.

Dogs consume both meat and vegetables, usually mixed together and available in stores as dog canned food. Dogs have many jobs, such as hunting dogs, police dogs, military dogs, help dogs, war dogs, therapy dogs or search and rescue dogs. A young dog is also known as a puppy or pup. Some canines are housed separately from other animals. These include long haired, short haired, wrinkly and poodle-like canines. Owning a dog requires proper health care and socialization so that your pet can live a long, healthy and happy life.

Doggy daycare is a great way to get your dog socialized without you taking him out frequently. Socialized animals are less likely to get sick or get hurt. Touching your animal is not a way to express love, so make sure your dog gets plenty of attention when he is around other animals.

Dogs need to go to the vet for vaccinations on a regular basis. Puppies should receive rabies shots at the age of eight weeks. Rabies is one of the most deadly diseases affecting dogs and can be avoided by vaccinating them. Canine Distemper vaccination should also be completed at the age of eight weeks. Other vaccinations include distemper combo, hepatitis B, parvo virus, pheasant fever, hepatitis C and parvo virus.

You have a large selection of breeds of puppies to choose from. Consider your lifestyle and personality when choosing a breed of dog. Some dogs are more suited for your lifestyle while others are more suitable for other families. Certain dogs will need to be house trained because of their delicate dispositions. House training is usually a lifelong commitment.

Tapeworms and fleas are problems that affect dogs. Fleas spread tapeworms and fleas infestations have been linked to serious illnesses and even death in some cases. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, fleas can be a huge problem. These parasites live in the hair and feed on the blood of animals. If you find dead ticks or fleas on your dog, be sure to take him to the veterinarian right away to remove these parasites.