The Alcoholic Beverage – A Standard Drink

If you are having trouble deciding what to have for dinner, try something fizzy, sugary, or sweet. Most people prefer drinks with a lower gravity, which usually means a juice or pop, but if you have some extra time on your hands you can experiment with fruit juices or a nice cold fruit juice. Fruit juices are high in fructose, a type of sugar, which is what gives them their extra flavor. Juice is not the only option, though, if you want to enjoy a healthy drink that has almost no calories, try a fruit smoothie.


Fruit smoothies: There are different kinds of smoothies, but they all serve the same purpose: they are a healthy alternative to high-calorie soft drinks. Fruit smoothies are typically about 5 ounces each, and most drinks except fruit juices contain about one standard drink per eight ounce serving. Juice: Juice is about six percent alcohol by volume, and about half a cup of juice is the equivalent of one standard drink. Canned fruit drinks: You should avoid any canned fruit drinks. Most canned beverages contain more added sugar than fruit juices.

Water: If you do not like any of the drinks above or would rather not have a drink with ice, try water. Water is the best beverage you can drink, as it is nearly impossible for carbonated drinks to create enough pressure within the human body to be harmful. Water is also very refreshing, unlike some of the other alternatives. Water is particularly good during the summer because it is cooler. While water is not the healthiest choice, it is definitely the closest thing to a natural drink that you can get.

Tea: Tea is another popular drink among people who want to stay hydrated. However, the health benefits of tea are controversial, as is the fact that most teas contain large amounts of caffeine. It is advisable to avoid hot teas, especially black teas, as they contain high amounts of caffeine. Tea is a common component of the morning commute, as most people have their favorite beverage with them throughout the day. In addition to being a beverage to help stay refreshed, tea can also help fight colds and headaches. As with coffee, tea should be avoided if you want to stay healthy.

Wine: Wine is the beer of the alcoholic beverages world, as it is almost impossible to go without at least one glass during the course of the day. Wine consumption varies significantly by country, with French wines being the highest and Portuguese wines being the lowest. Although wine contains alcoholic components, it is still considered to be a healthy drink, due to the high levels of antioxidants found in white wine.

Some drinks may seem more appealing than others, but keep in mind that alcohol consumption has serious health consequences. Even though alcohol has many positives, it should not be consumed in excess, as it can lead to high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and stroke. Alcohol is also known to aggravate asthma and increase the risk of a hangover after drinking. With these diseases and many more, there is no wonder that alcohol consumption should be avoided at all costs. It should be noted that pregnant women should avoid any alcohol consumption.