Stop Your Cat From Being A nuisance With These Simple Tips


Stop Your Cat From Being A nuisance With These Simple Tips

If you’ve ever had the bad experience of having your cat bite someone or something, then you know why it can be a horrible experience. However, cats don’t always purposely pounce on people. In fact, if they were trained to do so, then it wouldn’t be such a bad experience after all. A cat’s paws are extremely sensitive and when they sense that their master is about to hurt them, then the natural reflex is to try to flee. Of course, cats naturally have the instinct to want to protect their owners from harm but if it is mishandled, then a cat could end up having a horrible, violent reaction.

Your cat may also snap, paw, or scratch at an object that moves. This is common in indoor cats since they are unable to play with big stuffed animals. It will eventually grow old and grow into a very strong claw. So don’t worry, this is normal.

While it’s unfortunate, there is no “right” way to punish your cat. You should never hit or even spank your cat because this will teach it to be more aggressive and domineering. You can tell a lot just by looking at how your cat plays and interacts with other animals and people. Most importantly, it shows the other cat owner that he or she doesn’t have the proper skills to handle a cat.

Many people find that they get better results if they punish their pets immediately. Once a cat knows what is acceptable, then he won’t do it and you won’t have to use punishments anymore. Cats are like small children; they don’t know what is unacceptable and what is acceptable.

It’s important to take your cat to the vet for regular checkups. A cat does not have the same immune system that dogs have, so they cannot be expected to stay in good health forever. Make sure that you get your pet spayed or neutered as soon as possible. You should also start taking care of yourself as well. Get plenty of exercise, avoid letting your cat wander freely outside, make sure that you get enough sleep, and keep your pet up to date on his vaccinations.

If you haven’t learned by now how to effectively deal with a misbehaving cat, then you need to get help. There are many cat care books and even videos that can help. Many cat owners feel helpless once they have an issue with their pet, but don’t let that dishearten you. There are a lot of resources out there for cat care and cat owners who are struggling. Don’t let your cat suffer from old age alone!