How To Lower Your Alcohol Consumption


How To Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever heard someone say: “Drink slowly, or your head will swim?” For most people, this is an exaggeration, and it’s pretty hard to think that anyone actually meant it. But then again, a lot of people do drink their liquids very slowly, while others are really fast swimmers. When you go to a party, you will find people who are either drinking too rapidly or just plain have no idea what they’re doing. The question is: Are you fast enough? Here’s some tips to help you get moving along in the right direction.

First off, remember that the liquid itself doesn’t actually taste that good. To drink more liquid into your mouth and swallow it quickly: Take a sip of wine with dinner. Second, drink a glass of water before you start to feel buzzy. Third, drink some water after you finish drinking the wine.

Second, you should always aim to drink something that has a low gravity. Water and the majority of soft drinks are low gravity, because they contain carbon dioxide and water. If you drink a lot of water after eating, you’ll feel like you’ve drunk a lot, even though what you’ve drunk is still in your stomach. That’s because carbon dioxide is not expelled immediately, so it sits in your stomach for a bit. Therefore, it gives your body a false sense of fullness when you drink too much.

Third, make sure to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. Too often, people drink excessively amounts of liquor in just a day. This is especially common during football season, and when parties get really out of control. People end up drinking so many beers that they tend to be over-drinking, which can lead to alcohol poisoning. Beer is high in calories and can lead to bingeing, especially in combination with other foods.

Fourth, you should keep track of how much you drink at any given time. The easiest way to do this is to write down how much you normally drink for a day (in ounces) and see how many ounces of alcohol you typically consume during the day. This includes all alcoholic beverages, even if you only drink one or two ounces of beer during the day. Write down the ounces that you consumed in the order that they appear on the calendar, which means that the number of glasses of wine or champagne that you drink during the course of the day is written down after the first drink is finished.

Finally, limit the amount of alcoholic beverages that you consume during the day. Limit your intake of wine, beer, and liquor, and replace them with fruit juices, unsweetened teas, and water. When you substitute alcoholic beverages with healthier alternatives, you’ll enjoy better results in terms of your beverage alcohol intake. While excessive drinking is not good for the body, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is a major health threat. In fact, it can even lead to alcohol-induced cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Taking measures now can save you from the long-term effects of excessive drinking.