How to Care For Your Cat

Cats belong to the family Felidae. They are the only species of cat to be domesticated, and are therefore commonly called domestic cats. Though the term “domestic” is often misused, it actually refers to cats from all over the world, including the wild ones. Despite their small size, a cat is a fascinating creature that offers many benefits. Find out how to care for your cat. And don’t worry – there are many ways to make sure that your cat stays healthy.


The cat is a very social animal. It lives in a pack with a leader and can easily transfer its allegiance to its human master. While dogs are notoriously good pets, cats have never yielded to subjugation like dogs have. House cats are generally more tolerant of abuse and neglect than domesticated dogs. And because cats are carnivores, their social behavior has evolved over many centuries. It isn’t uncommon for them to have more than one toe on each paw.

Despite being an iconic figure in literature, the cat is not immune to ill-treatment. The apocryphal Letter of Jeremiah mentions the cat and his owner, Dick Whittington. Theophile Gautier and Charles Baudelaire paid homage to the feline. Rudyard Kipling, T.S. Eliot, and Colette all had stories about cats. The stage production Cats has become popular, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is the man behind the cult of the feline.

Although cats are known to be independent, they still suffer from birth defects that should be checked by a veterinarian. In some cases, they need urgent medical attention, while others are harmless. For example, a cat might have polydactyl paws. This is a common birth defect, and most polydactyl cats are six toed on each paw. These cats are known as Hemingway cats, after the writer Ernest Hemingway, who owned a polydactyl cat.

The cat has long played a role in religion. The Bible mentions a cat in its book, “Jeremiah,” and the letters of apocryphal Hemingway mentions a cat-headed goddess named Bast. In Egypt, mummies of mice were believed to provide food for the cats. Historically, superstitions have been associated with the feline, as they are the only animals to have many digits.

Cats have been studied extensively for centuries. They are mentioned in the Bible. Apocryphal manuscripts about the cat, “Jeremiah”, mentions a cat in Hebrew. The letters also mention the cat in the Bible. It is a symbol of eternal life, and the cat is associated with the sun. Those who are interested in the history of the pet, which dates back to the Biblical times, can learn a lot about this ancient creature.

A cat’s righting reflex is a reflex that occurs when it falls. This reflex causes the cat to right itself after falling 90 cm or 2 ft 11 inches. Fortunately, this reaction isn’t painful. In fact, it makes the cat more aware of its body. This reflex is what keeps cats from tripping. This means that they can avoid many accidents. But cats have an instinct to fall, too. And this can lead to serious injuries.